Straight from the Heart Poems

Never Forgotten

Will our paths ever cross again? Have I lost my closest dearest friend?

Try and try and try as I might, it’s just this thought that keeps me up at night
Through the storm and through the rain, I ask myself once again
Will I see you up in heaven? Will you recognise my face?
Time will pass and things will happen, I don’t want to lose my faith

Though sad and lonely and missing you, there are still so many things to do
For the celebration of your life, and all the things that we’ve been through
Please give me the strength to get through this day, you always knew how in your own special way
I remember you standing there in my hall, standing so proud and so very tall
The words that you whispered imprinted on my brain, “I will love you forever, although I must be insane

But I will love you forever and for the longest day”, those words now ring through my ears and I can’t find my way
There are things that I stand by and things that I mean, some days are far harder than they really seem
I shall say goodbye now as I turn out the light, although I wish there could have been just one more night
To tell you how it is and how I really feel, that my love is forever and it is so very real
That I will love you and hug you and kiss you again, You are my love, my life, my one true friend.

Getting their own back

The PC’s got a death wish, the printers gone mad

The typewriters gone haywire and the photocopiers just sad

The filings ganged up and causing a commotion

The drawers are psychotic, they keep opening and closing

The in tray is goading, the out tray is lonely

The work has piled up to help yourself – if only!

The kettle is suicidal, the microwave’s gone crazy

The light switch won’t work and my calculators just lazy

Oh to be back with things done by hand

Stupid electronics will be the death of this man

Can’t turn your back, just keep looking behind you

They are making a pact to overthrow and demean you

Forget electric shavers, they jump in the bath

Wouldn’t be so bad if you are game for a laugh

They have given us help all through these years

The only thing is it’s reduced me to tears.

Given the situation we would pick the same choice

Start a rebellion to claim back our voice

The Housewife

After another day of being a housewife doing all my duties and more
I now start playing the mouse until I go to bed just to listen to him snore
Dinners in the oven, teas in the pot
He’ll be home any minute at 6 on the dot

Predictable as ever, no “good evening, how was your day?”
Just “where’s my god damn tea woman? or god not another bill to pay?”
You would think he got them all the time, “try to economise” he said
“Stop wasting electricity, try and use your thick head”
After he wolfs down his dinner, I can feel my patience growing thinner
My appetite has gone away, I’m just praying for another day
Nearly 7, good he will soon go to the pub on St. Eleanor’s row
So very often I bite my tongue and swallow each word
I’m last on his list, gambling and drinking then his lover is third
The reason for me to economise is this I bet
He’s gone too far this time made us even more in debt

My life drawn out as his skivvy grows far harder each day
Everything I do is wrong even when it’s done in his special way
I’m stuck in a corner maybe there is no going back
Question his behaviour all I get is a whack
No doubt things could be better like how they were
Just before the time he started seeing her

Now it’s another new day that has started
I’ve decided it’s definitely time we parted
I’ve made up my mind; I’ve been through too much
It wasn’t nice whilst it lasted, please don’t keep in touch
Dinners in the oven, tea’s still in the pot
I’ll be gone before you get here at 6 on the dot.


My dearest granddad, how I will miss you so
More than I ever realised and more than you will now ever know
If I’ve learnt anything at all from you
It’s that you make the most of life and what it brings to you

Through these years you’ve watched me mature and you’ve watched me grow
But often silence was more than just enough to know
That I had your respect, your love and your trust
And that for me will always be more than enough

These things will never change although you’re now far away
But in my mind and in my heart you will always stay
I can look back at the past with fond memories and remember, the way you would wink reassuringly at me
When I needed it most to believe it was always love that I could see

It wasn’t like we always saw eye to eye
And the times that ‘you were always right’ would make me turn and sigh
But I accepted you for who you was and the reason for this is because
You accepted me as the person I have become
and the times we had together to me were more than fun

You were always my granddad and you always will be
I hope you know that I loved you, then, now and forever endlessly.



Time stood still but just for a moment and I feel the sun’s embrace
A summer breeze blows through my hair gently caressing my face
I can feel the warmth of the sun’s rays but little comfort does it bring
I see the birds and they call out sweet echoes but I don’t hear a thing
I hold in my hand a photograph, one of years gone by
It’s of a woman and a baby and I begin to cry

The edges are creased and the photo is fading but I still hold it dear
I will never forget you and your promise that you will always be here
I remember all those happy days and the sound of your soft voice
I try to hold back the tears but they are coming and I don’t have a choice
If I listen closely I can hear you calling “please don’t cry for me”
“I love you all, now and forever, my children, my sweet family”

I will hear you in the wind that blows and feel you in the breeze
I will see you in the seasons as they change in the colour of the leaves
I will take comfort from the fact that you are all around
No matter how much it hurts I know peace is what you’ve found
My promise to you is to do my best and whatever it is that I can
To make you proud when you look down from heaven and this I understand
The love you gave to all around you, uncompromising in its wake
Has touched our hearts and will remain forever your gift that will not break.


Do you ever stop to consider the effects and consequences of what you do on others?
Would you ever take the time to reconsider your actions against your lovers?
How can one person once removed never give their loved ones another thought?
How can they just abandon the ones that they’ve loved and the ones that they’ve taught?
I never understood this but often wondered why?
Why you couldn’t carry on? Why you just couldn’t try?
What did I do to deserve it? How come it had to end?
You weren’t just my father, you were my closest friend?

I bet you never think of me and how you left that day
I bet you carry on in life in your own selfish way
What did I do to you that made you want to leave?
You say we didn’t love you but I really can’t believe
That you honestly thought that and said that it was true
But the only one that couldn’t love really was just you
You became cold and your heart was frozen
And you walked the path that you had chosen

You gave up all that should have been dear to you
And you did what you said you just had to do
I will never understand how you became that man
The one that didn’t care, that wasn’t even aware
The one with a heart of stone
Who destroyed our once so happy home.

You were my idol, my father, the one I trusted and adored
You left because life wasn’t fulfilling and you were frankly just bored
Of getting up each day and plodding onto work
It was your choice, why blame everyone else – you jerk
You spent hours in the evening on the computer each day
Just passing every hour in your own damn selfish way
You didn’t consider the hurt and the damage that you did
With your coldness and your distance, against your wife and your only kid

I could never truly forgive you or forget how you behaved
But your face is a distant memory now blurred in so many ways
I can barely remember your voice now, those soft dulcet tones
That were eventually only heard over mobiles and phones
And then one day fell silent as if you just died
I knew if I didn’t bother, you wouldn’t have even tried
To keep in contact with me as you really should have done
I was your child, your daughter and your only one

I have to say even though your departure made me sad and very blue
I don’t think I ever really got over you
But then I change my point of view and suddenly realised
That the answer was always there right in front of my very eyes
You did die in theory, the day you walked away
You lost the man you were in so many many ways
The man that you are now is not related to me
You’re just a shallow, selfish man who bears a resemblance to me.

Pixies, Fairies and Elves

Pixies, fairies and elves all sitting on the shelves
Seeing you silently fast asleep not knowing why dreaming makes you weep
Watching very closely, every move you make, listening very carefully, every breath you take,
catching every whimper, whine and sigh, wanting to give some comfort and not to hear you cry

Standing around now on the floor, calling their friends away from the door
Around your cradle they are flocking, gently singing whilst they are rocking
The latch on the window is now undone, someone whisper’s “it’s time for some fun”.
Music is playing and they all start to dance, trying not to be heard, taking a chance

The baby awakes and the dance has been done, peering over the cradle is a sight as bright as the sun.
They are dazzled by the light of innocence so bright
Tip-toeing slowly they all draw near, they must take this baby away from here
Stealing softly into the night, their trustee steeds take up flight

Through the stars and the pitch black sky carrying the baby in a cradle so high
The baby now sleeps on yet again, all attempts to awake are only in vain
The cold mist of morning is drawing near, honestly now there is nothing to fear.

The Vision

In my dream I see you standing so far away, all dressed in creamy shades of white and as you glide further out of reach you scatter my memories here and there,  each one lined with a flower so fragile and easily crushed.
As I rush to protect them and pick them up, I lose so many along the wayward path.


Even though they crumble in my heavy hands and perish, they appear to be growing again, some slower than others and all of a sudden it comes to me and I realise that a memory cannot be crushed or lost, as it will always show itself again sooner or later.


I look for you but you are gone but like my memories you linger on.


It’s been a cold wintry day and an even colder wintry night
I toss and turn in my bed with strange thoughts running through my head
I feel restless and lifeless and completely not at ease
Something is stirring outside beneath the trees

I hear the rustle in the distance and the barking of a dog
My heart is racing faster and I just can’t seem to focus
On where or what or how or why
This thing that is haunting me just won’t die

Suddenly it’s at the window scratching on the glass
I’m hiding under the covers barely breathing just in case
The nervousness inside me is growing ever stronger
I can’t bear this feeling; I don’t want it any longer

Now it’s in the house and it’s creeping up the stairs
Footsteps creaking slowly one by one
Coming closer and closer until it’s just outside the door
Through the bedclothes I see the shadows cast on the floor

They are wet and cold, I can taste the chill in the air
Why won’t it leave, why does it stop and stare
Suddenly all brave I jump up and out of my bed
Knocking over the bedside table and banging my leg

It scuttles stealthily over into the shadows
Again quiet, it’s lurking once more
I convince myself this chill is just my imagination
Playing tricks on me in the dark and ill-illumination

Then in the corner of my eye
I see it and I think I just might cry
Then it stops and stares at me with big green eyes
And there’s something familiar that makes me realise

My heart sinks back into my chest
And I feel at ease again
The ghostly presence I felt in my house
Was just my cat chasing a mouse.


Memories of summers on a soft sandy beach, cool waters so inviting and clear

Seagulls hovering high above, fluffy white clouds take on shapes of their own
Ice cream melting in the hot summer heat
Crabs crawling sideways fleeing from our chase, collecting them in buckets filled with water
Jelly fish being washed ashore and us jumping waves far out to sea
These are the memories I try to keep

Salty waters not tasting to nice, sandy clothes irritating the skin
Wet hair and cold feet on the way home, leaving the beach I loved so much
Tantrums and upsets – I remember them well.  Not wanting to leave my haven where i felt so free
Moving out of town so far away, making new friends at a school so strange
No beach just a walk down the road
No crabs, no seagulls, no cockles on the front
Who would have thought that being so far away, would make it all seem like a distant dream
A figment of my imagination

All my sandcastles are long gone, the sky now dark and bleak
The air now cold and bitter, stinging my face and hands
The sand no longer soft has lost all of its colour
Shadows of darkness take hold of my heart
Where a child so happy once stood, now stands an adult left with memories of an ever fading past.

Copyright © 1996 Sarah-Jane Klemis

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