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Is Raising Boys Different to Raising Girls?

October 14, 2010


Raising children is never going to be an easy task and any parent will be able to tell you that.  I only have one child and I don’t have any brothers or sisters so for me it is difficult to understand whether there is a real difference to raising boys than to raising girls.  I know from […]

My Irrational Fears

October 11, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that when faced with my fears as a child I can’t count the umpteen amount of times when I ran away screaming at the top of my lungs with my hands flaying about my head.  I honestly believed that this would be an everyday occurrence in my life.  As […]

Cartoons From My Childhood

October 6, 2010


Like most I love cartoons and animated films, there are many I remember growing up and many that I have shared with my son.  I hate to admit it but I still cry at Bambi and Dumbo, and I will always love the antics of the Aristocats.  There are some cartoons that I would watch […]

Winning the War against the Pre-Teen Years

September 3, 2010


My son is now 11 years old and somewhere along the years the apple of my eye just suddenly grew up.  Yes, I know he’s only 11 but his thoughts and actions are way beyond anything I ever imagined they would be at this stage in his life. From the moment I knew he was coming […]