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Little White Lies My Mother Told Me

October 19, 2010


    I remember when I was growing up there was a number of things that my mum would say to me and as a trusting child I believed them.  I find that now I’m a parent there are occasions that some of them just pop out, even though I swore when I had children I […]

Perils of Supermarket Shopping

October 8, 2010


On a recent trip to my local supermarket I realised that I would rather take a vegetable peeler to my body and bath in vinegar than ever do this again.  Thank god for online shopping, never again do I have to grace the labyrinth of fear that is the ‘Supermarket’. Unbeknown to many people shopping […]

Is your body talking to you? are you listening?

May 2, 2010


Mine did! Did I listen?  Well eventually! After practically a year of having to live with feeling unwell and knowing something wasn’t quite right, I finally gave in and went to the doctors.   I then found out I am allergic to a number of things including wheat, gluten and house dust (yay for no hoovering!!)    I already […]