So What’s this all about?

Oh where do you begin, or rather where do I begin?
I’m pretty much your average 30 something (i’m not telling my true age only because i’m 36 this year – oops) too late – only joking if there’s anything i’m not ashamed or frightened of its growing/getting older.  Pretty much like death and taxes its inevitable and the more fun I can have doing it the better 🙂
I have a son, samuel – he’s the cutie just below 🙂

Best hug in the world

with the best hugging arms ever.  He’s a little older now than when I first created this blog but he continues to teach me more and more each day. I’m amazed by the intuitiveness of children and I have decided to use this blogsite to document anything that pretty much takes my interest. Definitely going to be a random site but I have a number of things i’d like to include and its a good way for me to show a little artistic licence, even if no one ever sees it.

Ok back to the life story – I have two cats (Yugi and Casper – Yugi being the all black one sitting in my car in the pic below, Casper being the one who is obsessed with my sink), a loopy red setter (Charlie) and we all live together in a little house in a very quaint village in Northamptonshire. I work in IT but i’m not going too much into that detail as creating a cure for insomnia is not my intention.
I like the good things in life but the simple things (probably explains my choice in men previously), and I find a lot of the time i’m flitting from one thing to another – now here is my opportunity to tie some of them down.
One of the things I do do and have done over the years is write poems, i’m not so sure they are any good but they are very personal to me and there are some that over the course of time as I get braver I will put onto here.
I guess its just a case of watch this space 😛
Catch you soon
SJ x 
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  1. Aww what a sweet family, son and furbabies. All just too cute!


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