Words hurt more than actions!

Posted on November 9, 2010


Have you ever been in that situation where someone smacks you so hard you think your face just launched to the moon? Hopefully not!

Have you ever been in the situation where someone said something that you felt like your heart had just been ripped out of your chest for everyone to start their own autopsy?  Probably!

The fact is, that as much as physical attacks hurt, they hurt at the time, they leave their own mark and scar but the damage that can be done by just a verbal cut can be just as much, if not more as a physical one.

I’ve heard the saying kids can be so cruel, but armed with experience adults can be so much more! Obviously its worse when it’s someone you trust and love but even so the experience can leave you feeling sick and heartbroken.  How do you move on from that?

How do you learn to forgive and forget as the saying goes? Can you truly move on? As much as you may put it behind you and face whatever comes along, there’s a small part of you that still holds on, that cannot forget and cannot just get on with it.

My question is, can you put it behind you? Can you move on from it? Can you not go through life and when the opportunity arises raise that “I knew you would” or “I told you so” point?

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that you feel at the moment you will never recover from, how much time does it really take or does it never take any time?

What I’ve learnt is that for every cruel person out there, there’s an additional person in your life who gives you the strength to carry on.  What I’m saddened by are the people that don’t have that additional person, or the strength of their own conviction to carry on.

Life is precious! Life is a gift! And it breaks my heart to hear that there wasn’t enough for someone to carry on.  The message I give to my son is that no matter what life throws at you, I love and loved you enough to bring you into this world – never forget that!  When you feel that life is not worth living look closer, don’t look at just what is, look at what caused the is, look at what you are and look at the people who know what you are and who you are.  Life is short and no matter what, giving up is just the easy answer.

So fight, fight for your right to be, fight for your right to have an opinion, fight for your right just to be an individual. Whatever your cause to doubt yourself there is always someone there who is fighting the same cause or problem that you are.  You just have to look for them and find the strength to carry on.

Have you been in this situation? Can you see where you had a choice that would have given it all up and I don’t mean end it all, I just mean give it up and walk away.  We all have had moments of self doubt, what is it that gave you the strength to carry on?