What Type are Your Friends?

Posted on October 26, 2010



Over the years I have made some very special friendships, I’ve also lost a few, I don’t intentionally lose my friends but they are kind of ‘special’ so it’s not always easy to keep track of them but it got me thinking.  What is it about certain friends that no matter what, you just know you are always going to be friends?   On the downside of that you also come into contact with people that you become friends with and then find out that this was not a friendship made out of a coffee shop sitcom but more like the Hammer House of Horror.  So I took a good look at the types of friends that I have and have had over the past, and this is my take on it:


The Best Friend – someone who is like family with none of the annoying traits and you love them so much it doesn’t matter even if they did.  You would do anything for this friend as they for you, you spend hours chatting every day and then spend hours online or on the phone, because you saw something so hilarious you just had to share it or just because you saw or remembered something full stop.  You wouldn’t consider any aspect of your life without this person in it, you can finish each other’s sentences and you probably have some secret language that only the two of you can understand.  Even though you’re capable of making your own decisions, its way more fun to do that with your Best Friend.

The Distant Friend – someone you’ve probably been friends with your whole life, someone who may not always be in contact but when you are its like you were never apart.  Time moves on and things change but when you meet up, this friend is like a breath of fresh air and one that you both know you would drop everything if it were ever needed, although you probably wouldn’t bother them if you did as you like the friendship the way it is.  The distant friend is usually someone who was a close friend and tends to know all your deepest darkest secrets, as do you about them.  In honesty the fact they have the shovel and you have the duct tape is probably why you are still friends.

The Close Friend
someone you trust and rely on to give you an honest opinion and an outside non biased view on things, someone you see on a regular basis but who does not dominate your every waking moment in life.  The close friend is someone that you’ve formed a bond with but not necessarily known as long as your Best or Distant Friend, but someone you clicked with and value the friendship so you will always want to have them in your life.  This is the friend that will be the voice of reason regardless of how minor or stupid the subject.

The Jealous Friend
– the friend that doesn’t like to share you and only wants to be friends with you!  This is usually quite an intense relationship; the nice thing about it is that it is a totally honest relationship.  It’s heavily based on loyalty and dependency but will turn into needy and clingy, so unless you’re that way yourself, you will end up trying to avoid them at all costs, only to find them peering out at you from the behind the baked bean shelf in the local supermarket or stalking your every move because you ‘forgot’ to mention you were hanging out with your other friends that night.

The Good Time Friends – No these are not those kind of friends, get your mind out of the gutter!!  These are generally the singletons, the ones on speed dial when you need to pull out the stops and party all night.  Their intense need to party is exhaustive but you always know that a great but drunken night will be had by all.  Generally not the type of friends you would want to go to the theatre or to Great Granny’s 90th birthday party but definitely the ones that you can let your hair down with.

The Bitchy Friend
– the friend that you just love to hang about with because they will always make you laugh, unfortunately at someone else’s expense and more than likely yours when your back is turned. The Bitchy friend tends to be writhing in their own self contempt and jealousy.  You probably regularly find yourself in the middle of some scrap or drama because of something that was or has been said.  All this aside you love them for their cutthroat sarcasm and quick wit but be warned they will be the one to convince you that the orange polka dot tights are the latest thing and you look ‘Absolutely Fabulous Darling’ plus as a reminder you wouldn’t want them to do your make up or hair if you suddenly lost your eyesight.


The Acquaintancesomeone you recognise in the street to say hello to, maybe have a cup of coffee with but that’s as far as it goes.  Once you’ve parted company if you never see them again then it’s not going to be a hardship for you.  Although some of my old acquaintances have turned out to be really good friends, so you never know where that cup of coffee might lead to.  They have also turned out to be low life lizards in disguise and I should have drowned them in their coffee as they sat spurning their web of hatred and lies but that’s another story.

The User Friend
– the friend that only ever contacts you when they have nothing better to do or if they need something, usually someone you’ve known for a long time so you find it hard to cut the ties but you know you really should.  This will be the friend who never goes to the bar first when you’re out, always manages to go home with the same amount of money as they left, whilst you are left wondering who mugged you halfway through the night.  They constantly want to borrow but never return items, quite often your new girlfriend or boyfriend.  You will find yourself constantly sorting out their problems but they will never ever put themselves out for you.  You need to grow a back bone and throw this one to the curb, sure your name will be mud but your bank balance, wardrobe and DVD collection will love you forever, well they won’t but at least they will still be there!


The Work Colleague oh by the way, nothing in these types suggests that some of these friends can’t be more than one type e.g. a close friend can also be a work colleague.  I have close friends that were also work colleagues but if I were to define them separately I would say that the Work Colleague is the person you trust and hang about with whilst at work, someone that you enjoy going to lunch with, the odd night out but generally your relationship stays within the boundaries of work.   You probably know as much about each other as you need to know but you keep them separate from your other friends just because you can.

The Fair-Weather Friend
you know the one, the one that is only around when they are single.  The minute they get in a relationship they disappear off the face off the earth, never to be seen again or at least until they get dumped and then they expect you to pick up the pieces.   These friends can be fantastic when they are around or at least whilst they are single but they aren’t reliable and will drop you in favour of a ‘date’ any day of the week.

The Online Friends
these are the friends you have never met but have developed a great bond with, you know the ones, the one that when you sign in, you look for and you chat away with about total nonsense but also occasionally spill out anything else you may be feeling because you have developed a sense of trust and a good old-fashioned friendship.  You know that you may never meet but if you ever do these ones are definitely keepers.



I think on that note, I’m going to leave it there.  I have a few more types and given the chance I would just go on and on but I would like to give you a chance to share your different ‘Friend Types’ with me, your experiences or just any thoughts you might have on the types I have written about, so go on let’s share….