What’s in your bag?

Posted on October 15, 2010


I am a hoarder, I fully admit it – I’ve no idea how it happens but I have accumulated enough ‘stuff’ to start my own landfill site twice over and I will be the bag lady you see pushing the shopping trolley through the town centre.  I don’t know about you but I really hate going anywhere without my handbag, there are times when I go out with just my purse and my phone but I always feel like I’m missing something, if I don’t have it with me.  When I have to go away it annoys me that I have my suitcase, my laptop bag and my handbag as I don’t really want to carry so much, although I am building a nice pair of biceps which could come in handy if I ever need to arm wrestle.  

So I had a look through my bag and wondered, what it is that I am lugging about that I don’t need and surprisingly this is what is in there: 

  • Purse – vital needs no explaining.
  • Phone – again vital.
  • Sunglasses – hmmm not so vital given the weather we have but you never know when you’re driving, sometimes the sun just throws out that blinding sunlight, so I’m going to put these in the car.  Oh wait! What if I’m suddenly in one of those OMG it’s him/her situations and I don’t want to be spotted.  OK the glasses go back in the bag.
  • USB Iphone charger – given the lasting length of my phone battery this has to go everywhere with me regardless.
  • Headphones – yep got to be with the phone at all times.
  • Tissues – well given how clumsy I am, yep they stay. 

I’m not doing so well at decluttering here – help! 

  • External hard drive – this just shows how much of a geek I am, why do I need to carry an external hard drive around with me? I think it can go in my laptop bag.
  • 2 pairs of specs – OK I’m short sighted but only slightly so I only ever need these for driving and if I’m reading something miles away – segregated 1 pair to the laptop bag and 1 pair to the car. If I’m that desperate to read I’ll either have to get up off my butt to go look or I’ll borrow someone else’s eyes.
  • Car Park and Door Pass – kind of essential if I want to get into work (but I don’t want to LOL) so this can go in my laptop bag too.
  • Gloves – well they are driving gloves for when the steering wheel is so cold the skin on my hands fuses to it but they do come in handy, especially when I don’t want to touch something – I’m tossing up between car and bag here.  Ok Glove box item and I have pockets if my hands get cold out.
  • Passport – I guess I never removed it from my bag when I needed it last.  It can go back in the ‘important docs’ drawer.
  • Spare purse – don’t even ask, ok that’s gone too.
  • Paracetemol, Anadin, Ibuprofen, waterproof plasters, Panadol, anti histamines, pro plus and blister plasters.  I am carrying a mini pharmacy in my bag! 1 pack of headache tablets and the antihistamines then the others can go in the cupboard.
  • Nail File – comes in handy if I get kidnapped and need to file my way out of captivity.  Ok you saw through me but it stays anyway.
  • Pencil case – LOL yes I have a pencil case, I like my own things and I like to be organised but because we have to hot desk so we don’t have a home at work (sorry desk) this really can go in my laptop bag.
  • Deodorant, perfume and a small bag of girly stuff – well I do have long journeys and I like to make sure I’m never caught out plus they are carry size so I’m happy for them to stay. 

Can you see how I convince myself I need everything?   I have the ultimate Mary Poppins’ bag, whatever next?

A lamp shade, parachute, fire extinguisher or small family of singing refugees, no this is better than that and I had forgotten these were in there.  I have just pulled out:

 A screwdriver, a bottle opener, insect repellent (hmm – wonder if it works on guys), Emergency Foil Blanket – I kid you not! A candle and a reusable hand warmer.

 Now my bag is decluttered, organised and a lot lighter but how long until I fill it up with useless stuff again? Who knows! I’m amazed that guys generally manage to carry the minimum such as a phone, keys, and a wallet, whereas I have to leave with everything including the kitchen sink.  So what’s in your bag and is there something that although you probably won’t need, you just can’t leave it behind?