Cartoons From My Childhood

Posted on October 6, 2010


Like most I love cartoons and animated films, there are many I remember growing up and many that I have shared with my son.  I hate to admit it but I still cry at Bambi and Dumbo, and I will always love the antics of the Aristocats.  There are some cartoons that I would watch religiously as a child and thinking back there are a few that I always remember but I don’t think I ever found out how they ended.

I never did find out whether Ulysses made it back to earth or found the Kingdom of Hades.

Did Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors ever find Jayce’s father to rid the world of the Monster Mines?

And did the kids from Dungeons and Dragons get out of the realm?

I think one day I may just see if I can find the answers to these.  Most of all I love the timelessness of them and how my son can enjoy a piece of my childhood.  I love the retro theme tunes and I still find myself singing along when they play.  The other cartoons I loved as a child are:

Jaime and the Magic Torch

Trap Door

I’m singing my head off here 🙂 but my all time favourite has been and I think always will be Thundercats

I could go on forever Bagpuss, Super Ted, Button Moon, The Flumps, but I love that I haven’t lost my childish edge and could quite happily sit and watch these mesmerised for hours.

So go on tell me what’s your favourite childhood cartoon and why?