Thank You Mr Tax Man

Posted on October 1, 2010


My heart goes out to anyone who is just trying to get by and makes the effort to support themselves and their family.  You do everything you can to make sure you keep the basics, a roof over your head, food on the table, some warm clothes in the winter; and even when things seem unbearable you do it with a smile that hides everything that goes on.

You find ways to get by and you cut corners.  Instead of turning the heating up a notch because its cold you put on extra layers, you think about what you can sell in a car boot or eBay, you walk because you know it’ll save you £1.50, you forget cutting your hair, you forget going out or buying a new coat because the one you have will do for another year and you have kids that need it more than you do, ultimately you look for ways of making life a little more bearable through these times.

When pay day comes round again you know that the minute it goes in, every penny of it is spent on the basics of living and even though you’ve tried to save a little, it’s no surprise when something happens which means you have to think “how can I make it work this month?”

Imagine the desperation felt when you get your pay and its less than half of what it should be, you frantically search every receipt and scour your statement trying to wonder what happened.  If you’ve been there then the realisation of this moment is stomach churning when it turns out that the Inland Revenue just decided to change your tax code.  It could be something as simple as someone there decided you have a second job, it doesn’t matter that you’ve only got one job, you work 15 hrs a day and it’s your only job, they don’t need to question or investigate they can just do it.

The beauty of this is that you can speak to someone to get this rectified but you aren’t entitled to get your hard earned money back as quickly as they can just take it.  If they chose they can return it to you by readjusting your tax code so you pay less tax over the tax year but there is no consideration that they’ve left you in a situation where you just cannot make ends meet and no matter how you look at it, if you are in that kind of situation you just can’t recover from it.  They have put you on a downward spiral of having to face countless charges for non payment which you just can’t afford, let alone how are you going to manage to feed your family.

They aren’t going to have to face the banks and utility companies, they aren’t going to have to explain to their children why they can’t have that 10p lolly, why the lights and TV can’t go on and they aren’t going to suffer the desperation and stress of the impact of what they do.

 If they take it by mistake it’s black and white and they should return it immediately, if they don’t in my mind its nothing more than theft.