Things You Should Know

Posted on September 29, 2010


I never know exactly what will happen, I’m not blessed with the power of foresight and in some respects I never want to be but I do know that if I wasn’t here then there are certain things I would want my son to know.

  1. I love you – I always have from the first moment I knew you were coming and every moment after.
  2. I will always be here – even when I’m not around I hope you know you mean the world to me and that I cherish every moment.
  3. You are my greatest achievement – you make me so proud and you do that all by yourself.
  4. You teach me things I never even considered I would need to know.

There are also things that he’s not old enough to understand but I want him to know before he grows up.

  1. Be yourself – never forego your integrity because you think that’s what you should do.
  2. Be honest – if you can’t be truthful you embed yourself into a web of lies and it will always come back to bite you on the ass.
  3. Accept yourself for who you are – you may not like yourself but you have to live with yourself.
  4. Remain positive – hard as it maybe whatever happens there’s a reason for it and you
    may not realise it until sometime later but there is.
  5. Don’t follow the crowd  – we aren’t sheep if we were, we’d end up as someone’s dinner.
  6. Love – it’s a fact of life we love and learn, we fall deep and we fall hard but without love there is no compassion and without compassion there is no understanding,
    understanding is where we truly learn.
  7. Listen – your opinion counts as much as anyone else’s, you may not agree with it but you may learn something on the way.
  8. Be open – things are not black and white and often there is a deeper meaning to what is going on, being closed only shuts you off from being open which means you are not able to embrace what happens
  9. Don’t be a know it all – no one will ever know everything and as much as you may
    feel you know it all – you don’t.
  10. Learn – the only way you can grow is by learning, if you aren’t willing to learn something new by yourself or from someone else then you have no avenue to becoming something better for yourself or anyone else.
  11. Be patient – sometimes one of the hardest things to do but if you jump at every impulse or don’t wait for people to catch up you will miss something far greater.
  12. Accept – know that some things happen because you have no influence over them, don’t fight it accept it and make the changes that you feel are necessary.
  13. Live – never give up, you are here because I loved you enough to bring you into this world, why waste it
  14. Respect – understand that respect is earned and the most truly respected people in this world did not demand or buy it – they earned it.
  15. Sacrifice – never sacrifice anything you aren’t prepared to lose, sacrifice comes with cost, only when the reward is greater than the cost is it right to sacrifice anything.
  16. Have dignity – whatever actions you take, take them with dignity, line them with pride but don’t let it get the better of you.
  17. Never buy something you can’t afford – nothing in this life is free and you always pay way more than what you should have
  18. Don’t be afraid – being afraid will stop you from doing what you truly want to do, it will mar the way and force you to hold back. Be strong and you will succeed.
  19. Be intuitive – learn about your instincts, learn about your sense of what should be and use it to be prepared.
  20. Hope – when it feels like you’ve come to the end of the road and there is nothing left, hope is what will get you through.  It was the last substance in Pandora’s Box when everything else had gone and there seemed to be no way to recover – hope was what gave people the strength to carry on.
  21. Know the difference between sympathy and empathy and how to do both – you can only empathise if you’ve had the experience and you can share what you’ve learnt from it and you can only sympathise when you’ve not been there, where your
    experience will not count but your feelings and support will.
  22. Don’t take things for granted – taking things for granted leads to complacency and this only suffices to disappointment, expect the unexpected and you will be far more prepared than if you are sitting back waiting for things to happen.
  23. Be selfless – never do anything that is just for your benefit, no one gets anywhere on their own, being selfish only leads to being lonely.
  24. Dream – never stop dreaming, some of the best ideas came from dreams and without them we would never progress.
  25. Forgive – we are what we are, we have flaws and we have moments where we make mistakes. Some people will learn by theirs, others will just live with them and make the same mistakes again – the choice is yours.

It’s a long list and I cannot possibly cover every subject there is but hopefully I can give some thoughts if you ever feel down, lost or wondering what is the point of it all?

For everything there is in my life I can reflect on one of these points and I can find a reason to the point of it all, can you?

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