I drive a Clio not a Ferrari – so BACK off!

Posted on September 14, 2010


I realise that by actually being on the road I take my life into my hands on a daily basis but I also put it in the hands of everyone else on the road as they do with theirs.

Why then is it that some people actually have no regard for their life or anyone else’s just because they drive a big truck or a fast car?  Maybe they do have regard for their own life because they feel quite safe behind that big hunk of metal surrounding them but it only takes a split of a second for it all to go so wrong.

I drive long distance to and from work, pretty much anything in excess of 5 hours a day depending on traffic and have done for quite some time.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I’ve never had an accident but I’ve never had one through wreckless driving or pure stupidity and I would like very much not to.  It is for these reasons why I try to be considerate of other drivers on the road as well as the road conditions and the capacity of my car.  I have a number of peeves about drivers, not saying I’m perfect but I do know how to use my indicators, I do let people in when they indicate to come over and I’m pretty good at letting people pull out of junctions, etc if it’s safe to do so, I don’t sit in the middle lane, I drive a Clio it’s not fast, it’s not built for that and that’s why for me the other two lanes are for overtaking not for cruising.  What I don’t do is heckle other drivers on the roads; I don’t overtake unless it’s safe to do so and I don’t forget the basics of driver’s etiquette, something not often seen these days.

Yes it’s annoying when you see a car driving 50mph in the middle lane when they could quite easily tootle along in the left hand lane of the motorway but you have a choice to overtake when safe to do so, they have a responsibility to but do what’s safe not what’s stupid.  When you’re on a single lane road why do some people feel they need to show you the love and practically kiss your bumper?  It’s intimidating, it’s dangerous and it’s downright inconsiderate especially if their vehicle is so much bigger than yours, its dark and you can’t see anything because you are being blinded by their  ‘ooh look at me’  headlights in your mirrors.

I for one am fed up of other people driving like they own the road and that they have more right to be their because their car is so much faster than mine.   I have a place to be that’s why I’m on the road as well as everyone else out there – why not take a minute when you get into the car to consider this.   If you are one of these people I would like to remind you that my car does not accelerate as fast as yours and I can pretty much guarantee you would leave me standing if you tried to race me, so when I am on a single lane road, or in the left hand lane of a dual carriage way or motorway and there’s nowhere for me to go accept ahead and I possibly have cars in front of me – BACK OFF!  I don’t want to become close to you in any shape or form I like my life and I would like to carry on living it.

You may think shut up moaning and go back to driving on Sunday but the saddest thing for me is because of wreckless driving I lost my best friend.  The accident was not her fault it was the fault of a careless driver who was late for the pub.  We were both in the car and I was lucky to be the one to get out of it, as was the driver who caused the accident.   He had heckled her on the road for a good 10 mins because he wanted to get past her, she was on a single lane road there was nowhere for her to go and she was driving at about 60mph.   Just before the accident she was looking for a place to pull over because the driver was swerving and flashing his lights trying to get past and I remember her saying “he’s going run me off the road if he keeps it up”.  He took a miscall and thought he could overtake her on a bend and in doing so caused a car coming the other way to swerve onto the other side of the road and straight into us.   Unfortunately for her she never saw her 21st birthday and she died several weeks later fighting for her life, fortunately for him he did and as much as I am sure that it is now a distant memory for him of a lucky escape I would like to think that some small part of him took responsibility for his actions and made him a more considerate driver.

For me even though 17 years have passed I will never forget her and I will never forget that night, neither has the person who killed her even though it was through the wreckless action of an inconsiderate driver.