Things I should do but never have the time….

Posted on September 8, 2010


Have you ever found that when you really want to do something you just find the time to do it, yet if you reflect on all the things you should do, you just say I will get to that in….. and rarely actually do?

I find that I’m a little in between that statement because if something has been nagging in the deep crevices of my brain I will just get on and do it. At the moment I have a to do list as long as the height of my house and as much as I know that I need to get on and get these things done there always seems to be something else getting in the way.

I’m told by my mother, the voice of reason and my sole purpose for being here LOL that my priorities are not in order. So when I’ve already cleaned the house and my kitchen floor needs that 10th clean again and I don’t get right to it because I’d rather spend that time with my son – am I wrong?

When my walls need painting because I haven’t got round to it this year and in my time off work I’m catching up with ironing (that’s another job I tend to do on a bi-weekly basis) or helping my son paint his Warhammer models – am I wrong?

When I need to car boot all the ‘junk’ in the garage so I could attempt to get my car in there but I want to spend an extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning because I get up at 5am every weekday morning and I’m not home from work until 8.30/9pm – am I wrong?

When I eventually get up to go and file my paperwork and can’t get into the room because my shoes are stacked (as I started to clean out my wardrobe and only managed to move them from one space to another) and as I’m pondering whether to start on the shoes again or do the filing, I get a phone call from a friend in need and I drop everything to make sure they are ok – am I wrong?

I don’t think so. I mean these are only a sample of things but generally I try to organise my life between work and home so that I can do my job, pay my bills, make sure that my son is happy and healthy, keep in contact with my family and friends and that my house is clean and tidy (although it never stays that way for long :p ). Could I spend less time in my free time doing things considered unimportant i.e. instead of writing on this blog or twittering and use it to get on and do those jobs that need doing, well yes! I could but there comes a time when I need to have a little something that is just for me. If I used every waking moment of free time to paint the walls, clean out the garage, barricade the kitchen so no one makes the floor dirty, I think I would go slowly but most definitely insane.

Instead I do what I consider to be the most important things in my life first and if the other things have to wait until a better time then, they can wait!

Btw just to prove that I do actually get round to doing some of these things I think I may never do, I did clear out the garage and I did have a car boot. I just have so much stuff to go that I have to do another one – maybe in the year 2025 I might just get round to it! Until then if I’m not at work or spending time with my son, you’ll find me relaxing with friends, walking the dog or swinging from a tree x

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