In my shoes I can conquer the world

Posted on August 19, 2010


Well not really but I feel like I can  🙂

Many of my friends will say that I have a shoe obsession…hmm…some would say I’m more of a shoe addict.

However, I think the biggest thing for me is that I’ve realised that this addiction or obsession as its put is something far more than that.  It’s not that I am addicted to shoes or obsessed by them its about having something in my life that I know no matter what will always fit and will always make me feel fabulous, plus it goes back to my childhood.

Having had more downs in my life than ups I generally turn to the one thing that I have always been able to count on to make me feel like I can face the world again – my shoes.  If I’m having one of those days when you get up and you hate yourself (or is that just me) I just know my shoes will turn it for me:

Sounds ridiculous and in a way it is but my shoes make me smile and I have what I call a set of shoe principles:

1. My shoes will always fit me no matter what clothes size I am
2. I have a shoe for every occasion
3. When I look in my wardrobe and can’t find anything to wear, I can pull out a pair of shoes and be immediately inspired
4. No one can ever make me feel good about myself the way my shoes can
5. If I find I’ve nowhere to live I can build myself a 4 bedroom house from shoe boxes and be the woman that lived in her shoe
6. Every shoe tells a different story and is a guaranteed ice breaker to make new friends
7. Your outfit can be from the charity shop but team it with a pair of awesome shoes and no one would ever know
8. If I happen to run out of glasses I could always use my shoes
9. They make great ornaments, door stops, weapons, etc…

I could go on but you get the point….. OK I’m starting to think maybe I am addicted to and obsessed with my shoes so my friends were right and I was just trying to find excuses to prove them wrong.

The thing that I’ve found is that there aren’t that many men out there who truly understand a woman’s requirement to buy copious amounts of shoes, for men its easy.  I’m not speaking for everyone out there but generally within a man’s world they don’t buy outrageously coloured clothes, trousers tend to be black, navy, grey and brown at a push, so how many different shoes do you need to go with  4 pairs of trousers, pretty much you could probably do it with two but women don’t just buy these colours – they tend to buy colours in season and will change the look depending on the weather – for this you can’t just have two pairs of shoes and you can’t just wear one style. Women who take care of how they dress always will take care of the kind of shoes they wear too.  

I blame my mother (if you read my blog deeper, you’ll see a pattern :P) when I was little she would always coordinate my outfits so if I had a pink dress I’d have white socks with pink ribbons, pink or white ribbons in my hair and pink shoes.  If I wore red dungarees with a cream jumper underneath I’d have red shoes.  You see the pattern – what my mother did was ingrain into me growing up that your outfit must be coordinated and ta da there you go the ultimate reason as to why I have so many shoes.  I don’t just wear black every day I’m a colourful person and as such my outfit will always represent my shoes no matter what. 

Ultimately I know I’m not alone – there are 1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s of women out there who have the same (and I say this loosely) infatuation with shoes.  What is it that makes us this way, are we programmed to just buy shoes and more shoes and eventually even more shoes?

No, of course not, its the ability to be able to control one thing in our lives that makes us feel great and look great no matter what and who can argue with that 🙂