Renault Clio Bonnet Catch Failure – are you aware of it?

Posted on March 12, 2010


You may not have heard about it yet but if we keep publising the facts and pushing for something to be done then we could finally achieve something and stop potential fatalities.   I know someone that this has happened to very recently and I cannot believe that Renault will do nothing about it.  

The situation is this, imagine driving down the dual carriageway, minding your own business, keeping your eye on the road ahead when the next thing you know you’re deafened by the sound of your bonnet smashing into your windscreen and any internal fixings such as the central light is now in pieces hanging from a dented ceiling.  What happened?  Well if you are lucky enough not to have hit anything or anyone else on the road because you can no longer see anything but your bonnet, according to Renault you did not maintain your bonnet catch on your Renault Clio II. 

Once again another car manufacturer comes under scrutiny for failing its consumers and once again does another car manufacturer appear to get away with it.   It is so clear as to the potential risk and the huge possibility that someone will eventually die before anyone agrees to do something.

There are many people out there who have experienced this incident and according to the Sunday Times “In 2007 the car maker’s head of communication left the company, claiming it knew there was a problem with the bonnet catches on as many as 550,000 Renault Clio II models sold between 1998 and 2006”   read here for the full article

Regardless of this statement Renault continues to avoid any liability and even in the latest investigation into this denies there is a manufacturing fault. 3 years ago VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency  agreed, and no recall was issued as it was not felt necessary.  Renault agreed to contact all its customers to request that they take their car to a dealer to have the bonnet catch examined.  The people i’ve spoken to either do not recall ever receiving one or if they do they didn’t realise that there was a potential issue, this has not stopped the problem nor has it resolved it.   You would think that as this is becoming more of a regular occurence and more people are experiencing it that the previous action should be rethought.

There is a facebook site created by owners who have had the misfortune to experience this and they are pushing for Renault to take responsibility and recall these cars.  The site, called the Renault Clio Bonnet Catch group (!/group.php?gid=31148382185&ref=ts), shows the details of accidents caused by the bonnet catch failing.

My message to you is simple, if you have a Renault Clio II, don’t leave it to chance – take it in and get it checked out.  Safety is the best precaution here and one that if Renault won’t do anything about, the more people that can be made aware of it the less chance there is of something dreadful happening.