It’s been far too long and i’ve missed you

Posted on March 4, 2010


Hi there

So it took me two house moves and several trips around the world to finally get back into this.

Thinking back to when I first created this blog, how funny it was that I got so excited I could post things via my mobile and look just what you can do now. I wouldn’t go anywhere thesedays without having the ability to check my facebook, my emails (yes i know its bad i’ve succumbed and have more than one account but its not unusual – honest), chat online, listen to my ipod and publish all my pics.

Only a couple of weeks ago did I have a sense of dread and woe, when I discovered I had no phone or internet access in the place I was staying. I felt completely cut off and that was only for an evening – god help me I was then there for months.

Well i’m aiming to be better at providing updates and fingers crossed I may discover a few more tricks that I didn’t know.

Feel free to leave me your ideas too.

Bye for now


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